The Awards Committee solicits recommendations for and determines individual recipients for all ASCA awards established by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. These awards include (but are not limited to): the Circuit of the Year Award, the Donald D. Gehring Award, the D. Parker Young Award, the New Professional of the Year Award, and the ASCA Distinguished Service Award. The Research Committee should be consulted and/or given authority over the solicitation of nominations for, and determining the winner of, the Dissertation of the Year Award.
2016 ASCA Awards Committee Chair
Metropolitan State University of Denver

­Call for Nominations for Creation of New Awards and Renaming of Current Awards
The Awards Committee is excited to announce the implementation of two new processes: the creation of new award categories; and, the renaming of current awards.
In prior years, ASCA had no process by which members can submit a request for renaming current ASCA awards, or for the creation of new awards that align with the mission and vision of our Association.  Recently, ASCA members have inquired about how one would go about creating a new award on behalf of a member who has contributed to the field of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.   Additionally, there have been discussions about having an equitable process where members can submit a nomination for an area that needs recognition that currently does not fall within the parameters of our current award categories.
Recognizing these requests regarding the renaming of current awards and the creation of new awards, the Awards Committee, with the assistance of the ASCA Board of Directors, have created a process that is consistent with ASCA’s Mission and Core Values of being fair and inclusive of its members.
Nomination Instructions:
1.Nomination forms for the 2017 Creation of New Awards and the 2017 Renaming of Current Awards will go live on September 7, 2017.  For a list of current awards offered by the Awards Committee, please see the link titled “ASCA Award Descriptions”.
2.Once nomination forms are live, nominators are required to complete the 2017 Creation of New Award Nomination Form and/or the 2017 Renaming of Current Award Nomination Form.  This link can also be found on the ASCA website at  Complete nominations are due by October 5, 2017 at 11:59pm (EST).
3.The Awards Committee will review each nomination form and submit their recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. 
4.The Board of Directors will vote on each 2017 Creation of New Award Nomination Form and/or the 2017 Renaming of Current Award Nomination Form and each outcome to the Awards Committee.
5.The Awards Committee will inform each Nominator the status of their nomination by the end of October 2017.
Please contact Mike Rager, 2017 Awards Committee Chair at if you have questions about either process.