I need to hire a consultant. Who do you recommend?

Approximately once a month I get the question, “I need to hire a consultant, who do you recommend?”  Most often my response is, “It
depends .” As I pondered this question, I started thinking about the things I want to know before responding this question.  To answer the question, I did the first thing many of us do in this on-demand culture, I Googled “tips for hiring a consultant.”  Needless to say, the results were overwhelming with every industry offering advice and tips.  My next step was the phone-a-friend method, and I reached out to Dr. David Parrott, Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Florida and ASCA Past President, to put the question to him.

Burnout is Real, But You Can Beat it

Working with students can be invigorating, emotionally rewarding and profoundly fulfilling. At the same time, it can also be challenging, frustrating and mentally-exhausting. No matter the job, many people experience work-related frustrations and stressors from time to time. However, when brief moments of workplace dissatisfaction or stress turn into weeks of irritation and anxiety it's easy to fall into a cycle of burnout. The ramifications of workplace burnout can have negative effects on your mental health and wellbeing, and can have an unintended impact on your colleagues, even the students you work with. By acknowledging what you're feeling and taking conscious action, you can avoid long-term burnout.

4 Tips for Starting or Enhancing a Mentor/Mentee Relationship

For student conduct professionals, establishing a relationship with a mentor can be extremely beneficial in helping define and achieve career goals. Working in this field can be tough and a great mentor can serve as a support, sounding board and advisor during pivotal professional moments. It's especially important for professionals in this field to seek mentors since they are often the only person serving this type of role on campus. Reaching out to peers outside of campus can provide additional opportunities to learn and grow professionally. However, if a mentee doesn't take an active role in this professional relationship, they may notreap the full benefits of mentorship. Participating in networking, such as attending industry conferences or participating in LinkedIn groups, is a great way to meet potential mentors. The following factors are important to consider before starting a mentor/mentee relationship or for an existing relationship to thrive.

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