Goldstone Foundation

          The foundation is named in honor of Raymond Goldstone, a Founding Member of the Association for Student Judicial Affairs (now known as the Association for Student Conduct Administration).  Currently Dean of Students, Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles, he has been an active member in the Association for three decades, and is a recipient of the Donald D. Gehring Award.  It was Dean Goldstone who, in 1987, donated the start-up funds to assist with the Association’s initial organizing efforts.   

The purpose of the Raymond Goldstone ASCA Foundation is exclusively charitable. Donations to the foundation help provide scholarships and opportunities for professionals and graduate students to receive high-quality training at ASCA programs i.e. the Gehring Academy, ASCA Annual Conference along with funds for major keynote speakers and activities.


Chairperson Dr. Ryan Holmes
University of Texas at El Paso
Treasurer Kellie Brennan
Ohio State University
Secretary Dr. Jane Tuttle
University of Kansas
Members: Dr. Karen Boyd
University of Tennessee
  Phillip Burns
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
  Daniel Cummins
University of Cincinnati
  Raymond Goldstone
University of California at Los Angeles
  Tamara King
Washington University in St. Louis
  Dr. John W. Lowery
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  Jeffery Stefancic
Purdue University
Laura Bennett
Nova Southeastern University
  Dr. Jennifer Waller
ASCA Executive Director

ASCA Central Office
PO Box 2237
College Station, TX 77841-2237

ASCA D.C. Office
One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

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