ASCA Brand Guide

ASCA Brand Guide

The ASCA Brand Guide is here for ASCA members to reference when using the ASCA logo to promote Regional or State events or any other advertised materials. Brand consistency is key when it comes to establishing a strong brand name and brand recognition. Use the materials on this page to serve as a reference for how to properly use the logo, using the correct color codes and other branding guidelines. If you have any questions or would like assistance creating content for an ASCA event, contact Cristina Gonzalez, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at the Central Office at

Social Media Guidelines:

In order to maintain brand consistency, for ASCA events use the #WeAreASCA in Twitter or Instagram posts. This will help others find photos and posts easier. Adding additional hashtags more specific to the event is encouraged. If there is a state drive-in event called PA Refresh and Connect, feel free to take an appropriate selfie or group shot and use the #WeAreASCA and then #PARefreshandConnect. If you are organizing an event on behalf of the ASCA, encourage your attendees to use social media to promote the ASCA. It may be useful if you suggest extra hashtags so the participants stay on the same thread and don't use several different variations of a hashtag. The goal is to have event photos and information easily accessible in a consistent stream.


Graphic Guidelines:




Measurement Specifications: The Logo should never appear less than 2 inches wide, in order to maintain readability and clarity.

Color Specifications:

Black Logo=                               Print: Pantone Black/ C0 M0 Y0 K100

                                                                        Web: R0 G0 B0/ #000000

Blue Logo=                                Print: Pantone 281/ C100 M85 Y5 K20

                                                                        Web: R0 G38 B100/ #002664

White on Blue Logo=         Print: Opaque White/ C0 M0 Y0 K0

                                                                        Web: R255 G255 B255/ #ffffff

Blue on Gray Logo=           Print: Pantone 281/ C100 M85 Y5 K20

                                                                        Web: R0 G38 B100/ #002664

NOTE: The White Logo is not pictured without a background, but is permissible to be placed on top of a graphic with no background.

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1.     Do not change the proportion of any elements within the logo.
2.     Do not modify any elements within the logo, including changing the typeface and font styles.
3.     Do not use the logo with any additional elements.
4.     Do not change the arrangement of any element in the logo.
5.     Do not add visual effects to the logo.
6.     Do not place the logo on top of photography.