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What If?

For housing and residence life professionals, crisis management and new daily challenges are expectations of the job and many take initial interest in the field knowing they will get to use that portion of their brain to aid students in difficult situations. But even for the most seasoned ResLifers, global pandemic response was likely low on the emergency planning agenda.

Community Colleges Prioritizing Accessibility

In many cases, the conduct offices at community colleges are just beginning to focus on their own department’s needs and their changes within their personal lives after having prioritized student reach outs to seek to create equity where able amid a shift to online learning that creates barriers for so many. 


For some, this has merely been an opportunity to get an earlier start to summer projects or to hone in on strategic plans while for others its daily reporting on how their days were spent.
But in some cases conduct staff have been instructed to make an even larger pivot by meeting with students only for high-level cases freeing up time to prioritize service to other departments such as residence life, retention, or enrollment. 

Being Human

The persistence demonstrated so far proves the commitment the professionals in our field have to our institutions, colleagues, and students, but we cannot forget to use that same grace and understanding with ourselves.

Embracing the "Do-Over"

What had started out merely as a place to convene and work through transition is already evolving into a forum where a diverse group of professionals are unwittingly reshaping the future of student conduct work.

Continuing the COVID Conversation(s)

There are no written best practices for a sudden pandemic that sweeps the globe at record speed and halts all normal societal activities, and there are certainly more questions than answers, what we do have is each other and a chance to enter into the conversations to see what unfolds. This blog series will recap daily conversations about the current transitions affecting our campuses, our staffs, our students, and our profession.