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Annual Reports: More Than Just Numbers

By: Alan Acosta

Student conduct departments are traditionally asked to give information to contribute to annual reports, often focusing on the quantitative aspects of their operation, such as the number of cases and types of violations adjudicated. This blog essay will discuss how to craft a successful, interesting annual report that does not just focus on the numerical aspects of the student conduct department, but on how to use all information to tell a holistic story of the department’s work.

College Conduct & COVID

Your willingness to take the time to connect has proven meaningful for yourselves, others with whom you interact, members reading the debriefs, and to myself. 

'We're All in This Together"

We all need some form of human connection and support during this isolating time and though we can frequently emphasize with students, rarely have we been able to enter more fully into a conversation about how we are all being affected by the same cause.

Altered Academic Integrity

Colleagues report mixed reviews of academic integrity trends on their campuses and mixed perceptions of what is yet to come.


Strawberries & Solitary Self-Care

Participants in the chat on “solitary self-care” expressed their vulnerabilities and engaged with fellow strangers with exemplary compassion. Varying characteristics of personal lives dictated responses to coping with the change of being confined to home and though situations differ, we are all faced with overwhelming uncertainties.

Privacy Protections in Virtual Hearings

Even in this time of immense change, two constants remain-- compliance regulations don’t have a pandemic rider and college students are just as creative as ever. These truths combine for a dramatic merger where conduct professionals seek to maintain their ability to uphold student rights and privacy via platforms that serve to inhibit them. 

Rise of the Mullet

Conversations with supervisors showcased persons passionate about engaging with one another to find ways to support their staff members. Their primary concerns were maintaining connections, supporting without hovering, and advocating for their employees. Sure, accountability and productivity still need to happen, but only a sliver of time was spent on those elements of supervision further demonstrating where the true priorities lie.