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How to Create an Early Expungement Procedure

By Katie Jackson 

Do students sometimes struggle to learn from your student conduct process because they are worried about their student conduct record?  Do faculty shy away from reporting scholastic dishonesty because they don't want to create a record that gets in the way of what brought the student to your institution in the first place? Have the records you keep every impacted a student in a way you don't like?  Having answered all these questions with a resounding 'yes!" I created an early expungement procedure for my institution. If you're considering the same -- read on to learn what I learned in a years-long consultative process, in 10 minutes or less!

Working in Student Conduct Through Times of Crisis

By: Steve Hawkins

Working through times of crisis can be challenging on an individual level, but those challenges increase many times over when you need to continue doing work as intricate and important as student conduct. In my three years as a full-time student conduct professional, I have experienced working directly in student conduct through a 7.0 earthquake and its aftermath, a state fiscal crisis which resulted in a $130 million dollar cut to my institution for, and now the COVID-19 crisis that has had a drastic effect on many colleges and universities in the U.S. By drawing on my experiences working in student conduct during these events, I have gained insights that I believe are valuable to share with other professionals in the field.