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Complicity in Conduct: A Call to White Hearing Officers

By: Amanda Mesirow

Ijeoma Oluo (2019) writes, “These are very stressful times for people of color who have been fighting and yelling and trying to protect themselves from a world that doesn’t care, to suddenly be asked by those who’ve ignored them for so long, ‘What has been happening your entire life? Can you educate me?’” The times are not “here again;” they have never left. White conduct hearing officers must engage in antiracist work—not just efforts—to combat the racism empirically proven to exist in our systems and on our campuses. In a combination of a review of the literature, personal reflections on professional experiences, and tangible to-do items for those interested in engaging in antiracist work, this blog will not center the white experience; rather, it charges white hearing officers and conduct professionals to make efforts to make the change without relying on colleagues of color for advice, guidance, strength, and emotional or physical energy.