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Using the Past to Situate the Present: Your Department’s History

By Alan Acosta 

Have you ever had a new staff member ask, “Why do we do this in this way?” and think, “Well, there was this one situation …” Whether onboarding new staff or helping a new supervisor learn about your operation, student conduct professionals can use their departmental history to give context and meaning to their current work. This blog will focus on the necessity for writing the known history of the department for posterity and how to use this history in teaching others about the work the student conduct does.

Beyond the Obvious: Examining Subtle and Overt Practices that Impact Racial Justice Work in the Field of Student Conduct

By Chelsea Kott

This post provides an examination of subtle and overt student conduct practices that call into question how well intended practices, such as healing circles and liability reduction, contribute to silencing social change and uphold white supremacy. Furthermore, this calls attention to the complex power dynamics that conduct officers must navigate, both when it comes to upholding students’ rights and addressing problematic behavior, while engaging allyship with faculty who demonstrate an effort to advance racial justice. 


Campus Book Store Theft- Implementing a Restorative Justice Approach

By Lindy Stein 

In this article, we will describe the restorative process used and share data collected since the CURJ theft process was introduced in 2017. Overall, we have seen a reduction in recidivism for theft cases. Students take responsibility for their actions and engage in a dialogue that helps them gain additional
perspectives on the incident. Students leave the process feeling heard. This article will highlight an innovative practice we use and contribute to the growing body of knowledge on applying restorative justice processes in student conduct practices.