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2023 Indigenous Peoples' Day Resources

Indigenous Peoples' Day was renamed from Columbus Day to address how American History glorified European violence against Indigenous communities. Additionally, it addresses the inaccuracies and harmful narratives associated with Columbus' legacy which credits his discovery of the Americas despite the existence of Indigenous communities. The name change was originally proposed at the 1977 United Nations conference; however, the change was not implemented until 2021. 
Read on for ways to thoughtfully celebrate this important day.


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ASCA Fall Recap

The Board of Directors, along with ASCA’s Central Office, have dedicated significant time and energy to advance both the mission and operations of ASCA in order to educate, develop, and support student-centered conduct professionals. Below you will find a mid-year recap of the work that has been accomplished.


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Student Conduct Pros with/interested in JDs CoP

The Student Conduct Professionals with/interested in JDs Community of Practice is back! This CoP provides space for higher education professionals with a JD and open up a space for those interested in pursuing a JD or a Legal Studies Masters.


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Empowering Students: Collegiate Recovery Communities and you!

College is often an opportunity for students to grow, experiment, and learn from their experiences. However, for students diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), there may be additional challenges, such as a lack of dedicated space for building supportive and sustainable relationships with peers and staff, along with feelings of stigma associated with their recovery journey.  

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