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How do I become a faculty member for the ASCA Donald Gehring Academy?
I cannot tell you the number of times we get this question. It is exciting to know that so many want to be involved in this event and contribute to the educational development of others in the field of student conduct. In order to answer that question, however, let's start with a little history. 
The Gehring Academy was developed by Dr. Don Gehring and several other ASCA Board members who saw a need to provide education about best practices for student conduct professionals. They launched the Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute in 1992, however, registration was, unfortunately, so low that the inaugural event was canceled. Dr. Gehring began leading the institute in 1993, hosting it at Bowling Green State University with a more robust number of 130 participants. His agreement to lead the institute was contingent upon him having the authority to choose who the faculty would be. Those invited included Ed Stoner, who at that time was a board member for of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA), and Dr. Gary Pavela, from the University of Maryland.
In 2001, the Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute was renamed the Donald D. Gehring Academy for Student Conduct Administration in honor of Dr. Gehring's significant contribution and commitment to the field of student conduct administration. Since the early institutes, the Gehring Academy has expanded its offerings to include subjects such as mediation, conflict resolution, restorative justice, mid-level managers, senior student affairs, sexual misconduct and Title IX. Throughout the growth and expansion of the Gehring Academy, the selection of the faculty has been through invitation by the Academy Chair or Track Coordinators. Individuals are identified through their leadership, involvement, and reputation for expertise within the Association for Student Conduct Administration. 
And so the question persists: how do I become faculty member for the Gehring Academy? 
First, get involved in the profession. Join a committee, Community of Practice, or state group and get involved with the events and networking available. If your state doesn't have an active group, connect with others around you to start one. Volunteer with the conference committee or onsite at an event. This is a great opportunity to serve and build your professional reputation in the field of student conduct as well as demonstrate your commitment and passion.
Second, find a content area that you are passionate about and develop expertise in that area. For example, if you love assessment, research this area, implement assessment into your daily practice, present a webinar, or lead a concurrent session at the ASCA annual conference. Build your professional reputation as an individual with knowledge in a particular content area.  Take time to present at the local, regional, or national level. Developing a professional reputation within ASCA takes time, and there is no “fast track” available. But by focusing on the fundamentals of good professional practice like networking, volunteering, and building content expertise you will gain the professional reputation and capabilities recognized in all of our Gehring Academy faculty members. We also encourage you to apply to be a Faculty Fellow for the Gehring Academy.  Applications will be available soon!


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