Profile: Dr. Alexandra E. Hughes

Dr. Alexandra E. Hughes is the Education Specialist for ASCA and the host of the ASCA Viewpoints Podcast. In her role as the Education Specialist for ASCA she creates specialized curriculum for the Association, while working to evaluate and provide recommendations to improve student conduct codes, student conduct training methods, and serve as a resource for all things student conduct. Prior to working for ASCA, she served multiple campus communities in the field of student judicial affairs, housing and residence life, student accessibility services, and diversity and inclusion. Dr. Hughes serves as a part time lecturer teaching doctoral students about cultural competencies for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and focuses her research on racial microaggressions and equity impact. Dr. Hughes is passionate about connecting professionals with resources to ensure their success. In her own words: "I may not be able to change the world, but if I can positively impact and change one person's world-- then I have done enough."