ASCA Elections

The election ballot for the Board of Directors votie is now closed. Stay tuned for voting results.

Election Schedule:
October 10: Close elections
October 12: Calls/notifications to candidates
October 17: Notification to membership of elections results

An important note:

In implementing ASCA’s most recent Board’s structure change, the 2020 election materials did not accurately reflect the required rotation of Directors at Large to balance the Board. Last year the Community College Director at Large position was not filled because we did not have a viable option per the operating policies and procedures; therefore, requiring the President-Elect to appoint someone to a one-year term and would stand for election this year.

This year, to finalize this process, the Interim Executive Director forwarded four Director at Large openings and requested the President-Elect, in consultation with the current and Past President to identify one Director at Large that will retain their position for one additional year. These changes will return us to a rotation that is consistent with the By-Laws (see below) and their intent to balance returners and new members. This allows for consistent knowledge of the Board and the ability to properly oversee the business of the Association.

ASCA Bylaws Article V.D.6:
6. Each At-Large Director shall serve for a period of two (2) years. Director terms shall be staggered, such that each year three new directors will be elected from their respective positions.

ASCA Bylaws Article V.D.7: Officers shall serve in the term above…..until replaced and not more than two (2) terms.”
7. Officers shall serve for the term specified above or until a successor is elected or otherwise replaced pursuant to the provisions of these Bylaws. Officers shall serve for no more than two (2) terms in the same position.