Financial Oversight and Auditing

The charge of the Finance Oversight and Auditing Committee is to ensure that the Association leadership, including the Executive Director and Central Office, fulfills its fiduciary, budgetary and financial responsibilities to the Association. The committee shall review long-term budget projections, review the performance and projections of the annual operating budget of the Association; review the annual financial report of the Association prior to distribution to the membership at the annual conference; review and recommend revisions to the Association’s investment plan; review and recommend revisions regarding financial policies; shall recommend the commissioning of an external audit as appropriate; and report any financial or budgetary concerns to the Board of Directors. This committee is appointed by the ASCA President. 

The Financial Oversight and Auditing Committee has specific membership consisting of:

  • Treasurer (ex-officio, serves as liaison to BOD)
  • Raymond A. Goldstone ASCA Foundation board member (appointed by the Foundation BOD)
  • Past Chair of the Annual Conference or Gehring Academy
  • Past or Current Regional Chair
  • Two professional members of the Association appointed by the President