Student Conduct Professionals with or interested in J.D.s

The main goals of this CoP are to create a community of like-minded individuals with a similar educational experience, for those interested in seeking those same educational opportunities, and for those interested in the law behind student conduct and higher education. This CoP will provide space for any higher education professional with a JD and open up a space for those interested in pursuing a JD or a Legal Studies Masters. The space provided in this CoP will allow professionals with JDs to discuss their unique educational experiences and that relation to a non-traditional legal career path. The space will also be open to those interested in pursuing a legal education to discuss these various opportunities and seek support from those who’ve obtained that education. This CoP will also partner with other committees and CoPs to put out programming that aligns with its membership’s goals, including providing general education on the law behind student conduct. 

Kristi Patrickus, J.D.
University of Oregon

Michael Fazi
Vanderbilt University