Joshua Cutchens

Describe your goals and objectives for the position you seek and how they relate to and would advance the association's vision, mission and core values.    
Overall, my goals and objectives for the Secretary position center on disseminating knowledge and communicating information throughout the Association.  In order for our Association to function effectively, we have to continue to follow our mission of doing our work with integrity to advance the student conduct profession.  To successfully do this, we all have to be involved in the dissemination of knowledge.  We all are experts in this field and have phenomenal ideas to help our students understand the impact their actions have on themselves and their communities and how they can make better decisions moving forward.  Keeping ourselves abreast of new techniques to promote this education will further our mission as educators.  As a previous Chair for the Assessment Community of Practice, I worked with my COP to create a resource library of assessments for the membership to utilize, which was carried on by my successor.  In this role, I would like to continue this opportunity of disseminating knowledge even further.  Additionally in this position, we have to be able to keep our members knowledgeable of proposed resolutions and their potential or actual effects.  This allows members to actively and openly voice their support and/or concerns for the measures as this is our community and professional home and we value every contribution from our diverse membership. Therefore, I would work to ensure that up to date information concerning the status of resolutions is communicated across multiple electronic platforms, as well as available on the ASCA website.
ASCA drafted a Strategic Plan, how would you, in your position on the ASCA Board, advance and contribute to this plan.     
There are multiple goals within the most recent Strategic Plan.  The Secretary position has a direct ability to advance and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Plan.  Of the six overall goals, there are two that stand out to which I believe the Secretary position can directly impact:
1. Goal 1: Knowledge Generation – the Secretary can directly work to expand resources to members and improve the knowledge of current practices that our members currently utilize. I would work to create a similar result as I discussed when I was the Chair for the Assessment Community of Practice. In doing this, as an Association, we can help magnify the ability to develop new experts and leaders in our field.
2. Goal 2: Education and Dissemination – the Secretary can directly work to increase the ways of delivering educational content.  As the State Coordinator of Florida, I worked with two colleagues in my state for them to lead a webinar (at no cost) concerning the initial Title IX changes to guidance published by the Department of Education under the current administration. Additionally, another option would be to contribute to the ASCA Reflections Magazine.  In its inaugural release, I wrote an article focused on measuring the impact of educational sanctions.  As Secretary, I would work to provide these types of opportunities across multiple platforms to help our members understand the changes in our work and how to implement them on our campuses.
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Pam Malyk

Describe your goals and objectives for the position you seek and how they relate to and would advance the association's vision, mission and core values. ASCA drafted a Strategic Plan, how would you, in your position on the ASCA Board, advance and contribute to this plan.
For several years, I’ve devoted all of my heart (and most of my free time) to ASCA.  I have because I care deeply about the Association.  But if you know me, you know I’m not a feelings person—I’m an action person.  I’m running for Secretary because the role will let me turn my feelings into actions: instead of caring from afar, I can keep contributing in useful and practical ways. 

ASCA’s mission is to advance the Student Conduct profession, but organizations don’t move forward without efficient systems for organizing and retrieving their information. To make smart decisions and act nimbly, the Board must have quick access to educational initiatives, motions, votes, and action items—whether past or proposed, resolved or remaining.  Right now, details about our work and agreements are buried in individual meeting minutes; we lack a cohesive, comprehensive database of the business we’ve conducted. My goal as Secretary, aside from general recordkeeping and active Board engagement, is to create and maintain such a database.  Then the Board can stop sifting through years of records, potentially overlooking important history, and focus instead on proactive, well-informed leadership. 

This kind of overview will be particularly useful this year, as our current strategic plan concludes and a new plan emerges. Having an accessible bank of knowledge about our past will position us for future success.  With it, I can help develop data-driven initiatives for achieving the fresh set of goals we’ve set, including those related to incomplete Diversity and Inclusion action items, to our recent membership needs assessment, to providing high-quality learning/networking opportunities, and to our new stand-alone Association operations. 
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Lance Watson

Describe your goals and objectives for the position you seek and how they relate to and would advance the association's vision, mission and core values.    
Serving as Secretary for ASCA, I would add robust layers to the duties of the position that include: bolstering our historical significance, engaging members in the governance of the Association, amplifying outreach to the membership, and increasing the accessibility of our website and the documents of ASCA. Our Association has participated in many significant milestones in higher education and had the privilege of learning from the successes and failures of the past. I would build an ongoing historical record that would be easily accessed by the membership to consider for future decisions including appreciating our need for growth and inclusion of all student conduct practitioners. Next, I would partner with members of the Board of Directors to educate our members about the governance structure of ASCA and how members may be directly involved through resolution creation. This education would focus on informing members about their opportunity to generate effective resolutions to propose to the Board for consideration. Thirdly, I would collaborate with the Central Office Staff and members of the Board to augment ongoing board correspondence to ensure information is disseminated effectively and clearly regarding the business of the Association. Finally, I would leverage technology and partnerships with members and leadership of the Association to ensure our website and documents are accessible to all members. This not only includes easily finding documents and information, but also ensures they are accessible to adaptive and assistive technology so all members may review information about our Association.
ASCA drafted a Strategic Plan, how would you, in your position on the ASCA Board, advance and contribute to this plan.     
The Secretary position has the opportunity to affect many aspects of the Strategic Plan; however, the three main areas I would focus are: Knowledge Generation, Leadership Development, and Education and Dissemination. First, I would develop a comprehensive repository for the collective knowledge, history, and work of the Association. ASCA continuously strives to be on the cutting edge of the student conduct practice and generates a substantial knowledge base for its membership. I would develop a centralized knowledge bank of the history of the association, the research done by its members, the education offered, and the past legislation of the Board of Directors. Through this clearinghouse of knowledge, members could easily access the work previously done and scaffold their contemporary work to further the practice of student conduct into the future. Next, I will enhance the membership experience through challenging members to play a role in the leadership in the Association through resolutions. Through intentional outreach by the Secretary, members could engage in the leadership of the Association and have a voice in the future of ASCA. Finally, I will explore a variety of engagement and educational technology to deliver meaningful outreach to members. There are a variety of technological options to engage our membership who may not travel or have limited professional development budgets. By researching and testing a variety of these technologies, we will continue to streamline our communication with the membership and lower or eliminate the costs for members to bolster their professional competencies.
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Kyle Williams

Describe your goals and objectives for the position you seek and how they relate to and would advance the association's vision, mission and core values.
As outlined within the bylaws of the Association, it is the duty of the Secretary to keep all minutes and report the activities of ASCA. As I embark on this journey into this position, not only is it my goal to continue to keep the minutes in an organized manner, however, to also research methods to engage the membership with the activities of our Association. For example, the usage of MailChimp to create newsletters or to even engage on upcoming events, programs and webinars that are being offered through social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Currently, we have a listserve that is utilized for email communication, however, as we continue to grow in a technological age, engagement of members within professional development networks are occurring across additional platforms. It is my goal throughout my tenure to explore these mediums to define avenues for members to receive updates and engage with other members and leadership within their Association. 
ASCA drafted a Strategic Plan, how would you, in your position on the ASCA Board, advance and contribute to this plan.
As the secretary within this Association, I would have the ability to work with the Association leadership in all of the goals of the Strategic Priorities as I would collecting information from each member of leadership and ensuring that the membership is aware of our goal progression. If elected, my goal is to inquire about the various mediums that we are encouraging engagement across membership and with leadership. This inquiry would align directly with Goal 2, which focuses on education and dissemination. This goal specifically outlines that “ASCA will have a multi-faceted, comprehensive curriculum that is delivered in ways that meet the need of members and student conduct professionals”. The ability to research various methods to disseminate the minutes and activities of the Association will assist in further creating avenues to meet the demands of membership and open our Association to further look at other platforms to engage membership in other professional development opportunities as well. Examples include, TwitterChats, Insta-Stories, and other Leadership opportunities.

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