Joshua Cutchens

  • In relation to the position of Treasurer, my overall goal is to work to develop an operating budget that incorporates opportunities for all members to advance their skill sets in providing and/or acquiring knowledge to promote best practices within our work.  Student conduct practitioners, regardless of their time in the field, should have opportunities to refine their knowledge and skill sets to meet our students where they are to facilitate growth and development.  They should also have a platform to promote their best practices and cutting edge ideas to not only the rest of the membership but also colleagues across additional associations as well.  

    To me, this directly relates to the mission of our Association of working to advance the student conduct profession and the core values of advocacy, community, and education.  By facilitating this professional development, we are advancing our profession by continuously utilizing best practices to educate our students.  We are advocating for the advancement of the highest standards of practice in the challenging work we do.  We are enhancing our Association’s community and education by supporting each other’s knowledge dissemination and acquisition by utilizing new initiatives to address student behavior.

    As the current South Region Chair and previously as a state coordinator, I have seen the importance that providing these events can have for my state colleagues as well as those across the region.  I would work to ensure that these become more of a common practice if I become the next Treasurer.
  • As stated in the strategic plan, one of the main priorities moving forward is to “create, implement, and manage a defined structure and strategy that directs all educational content under the auspices of the Association.”  It is vital that the person elected as the next Treasurer be at the forefront of this initiative.  Recognizing that professional development opportunities vary across our states and institutions partly due to available funding, it will be necessary to further develop educational opportunities that remain low cost regardless if they are in person or on a digital platform.  In order to best understand the needs of the Association, I would work with my fellow Board members to review the current educational offerings and then assist with assessing the entire membership as to the topics they would like to see provided and then determine the delivery method based on the recurring theme of topic.  I would work to ensure that those newly-established professional development opportunities have the funding needed to address the logistical costs.

    Additionally, while there is the need to have stand-alone ASCA events, for example the Gehring Academy and the Sexual Misconduct Institute, we do have the opportunities and the connections with numerous other associations to forge collaborations to come together to provide educational endeavors that are rooted in best practice.  Utilizing these collaborations will help reduce the overall costs that the Association would have and allow for additional opportunities to occur while maintaining a balanced operating budget.
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Christina Liang

  • The role of the treasurer is to monitor and provide information to the Board to facilitate strategic and financially responsible decisions for the Association. This role requires financial leadership that is both responsive and dependable. When first elected as Treasurer in 2017, I took time to understand the Association’s economic history which assisted in establishing financial priorities. As my current term comes to an end, I am excited that my leadership as Treasurer in collaboration with the Board’s support has led to tremendous improvement in the Association’s financial health.

    If selected for another term, first, I will continue to consistently provide transparent financial information to the Association that reflect the Board’s commitment to its stakeholders.

    Second, in the next two years, I foresee ASCA exploring its ability to grow responsibly to better serve the ever-changing field of student conduct. As Treasurer, I will provide thorough financial information to assist the Board in making difficult decisions that balance sustaining the financial demands of a non-profit organization with providing plentiful and diverse services and support for its membership.

    Finally, I will reliably review the national climate for higher education/student affairs and student conduct in rendering financial recommendations to produce budget projections that will continue to yield a surplus. As I shared during the 2019 Annual Conference’s business meeting, “More money, more problems.” I am encouraged that with my experience coupled with the Board’s support and thoughtfulness, I can continue to bring sustainable and responsible financial growth to the Association.
  • As the Treasurer during the Association’s transition in its departure from TAMU, I worked closely with the Executive Director to ensure a smooth and seamless transition that did not interrupt Association business and operation. This transition involved discussing considerations surrounding human resources, workforce needs, logistical adjustments and financial management. Having the ability to closely monitor the Association’s financial progress during this transition has provided me with insight that I hope to use towards assisting the Association with developing, implementing and managing a sustainable and efficient organizational leadership structure. This structure will involve long term growth options for the Central Office, the ability to purchase software to better support our membership, and increasing opportunities to provide support for our volunteer leaders.

    Additionally, the strong brand and reputation of ASCA must also be reinforced as we continue to diversify and strengthen our educational offerings. If reelected as Treasurer, I will continue to utilize financial data to inform the Board of the Association’s content strengths and areas of improvement. This information will also better inform the Association’s management of educational content and related protocols, which in turn will improve the sustainability of our membership programs and events.
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