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The Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) is the leading voice for student conduct in higher education. ASCA and its members are dedicated to upholding the integrity of the student conduct process, resulting in the ability to build safer educational communities and positively impact the higher education experience.

Strengthening a community of professionals
ASCA members are qualified professionals working to cultivate student responsibility and accountability through prevention education, investigation and adjudication. ASCA supports its members and other higher education professionals by providing professional development opportunities, education materials and resources on a number of topics related to student conduct. ASCA also strengthens the community through networking events and mentorship programs, helping members make connections and navigate the ways in which their identities relate to student conduct.
Promoting best practices
ASCA advances the student conduct profession by promoting best practices among its vast network of industry professionals. Through professional development events and association resources, ASCA members can share and access education and skill building for individuals and institutions. The association helps members assimilate best practices of student conduct administration and conflict resolution into their unique institutional cultures.
An advocate for the profession
ASCA believes that the integrity of the student conduct process hinges on ensuring every student is treated with care and concern. This is echoed through advocacy and external relations efforts regarding legislation and national issues. The association further empowers members by providing them with messages and tools they need to be strong advocates and liaisons.
Cultivating student responsibility and accountability
ASCA supports the mission of higher education by cultivating student responsibility and accountability on college campuses nationwide. Student conduct professionals engage and educate students to be better citizens by guiding them towards ethical decision-making and accountability. The association stands firm in providing students with a well-rounded higher education experience that gives students the ability to make thoughtful decisions and recognize how their actions affect others.

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