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Managing Your Membership

If your assistant manages your account, please ensure they have access to your username and password log-in to your My Profile page, click link for Membership Renewal. You will be given the option to renew with your existing membership or change your membership type, select the option that applies to you. You will be asked to Register and Pay Online or Register and Bill Me. If paying with a credit card select Register and Pay Online, this will take you to the payment page, simply fill in the required information. If paying by check, select Register and Bill Me from the My Profile page you can print out your invoice by selecting My Invoices.

***If your membership is expired please contact the Central Office for assistance. 

Once you are logged into your profile as the primary on the institutional account, you will see the My Profile Page. On the left-hand side, there is an option titled My Associates. Click there and it will take you to a screen where a drop-down box is available. Click on the drop down-box and you can view who the current affiliates are on the account.

To add an affiliate, select the Add an Affiliate link, then fill out the information below including setting a username and password for the new affiliate member. If you do not see the add affiliate button available, it means you must first select a name from the drop-down box and check the Delete this contact box to open a spot for the new affiliate. This will not delete the member from the ASCA database or from your institutional account records, but it will place their account on suspension and render them unable to login unless put back on the account or the institutional membership level is increased. Once you have made the changes to the account, scroll to the bottom, and click save changes. Please note it is not permissible to switch out members for the sole purpose of event registration. If you need to increase the size of the membership or do not see a membership that fits the needs of the organization, please contact the Central Office.

Once logged in and at the My Profile page, click link for My Paid Receipts This will connect you to a page that has all of your paid ASCA receipts.

Once logged in and on the My Profile page, click the link for My Invoices This will connect you to a page that has all of your ASCA invoices.

From any page, click the events link in the blue bar across the top of the home page. Select the event you wish to register for OR from the calendar find the date of the event, select the event, complete your registration by selecting the blue Member Registration or Public Registration (if your membership is expired) tab on the right-hand side. Make sure you complete all required fields with the applicable information. If a fee is charged for the event, you will be given the option to immediately process the Payment with a Credit Card or you may select the Bill Me option if you will be paying by check, note this option is only available to those are logged in under a member profile. 

Review our list of active committees, go to your My Profile page, select My Committees, click join and you will automatically be added as a member. 

Please note, Individual Memberships belong to the individual and may not be transferred. However, Institutional Memberships belong to the institution and modifications may be made if a current affiliate member is no longer employed or changes departments. Additionally, those under an Institutional Membership who are no longer employed with the institution do not retain their membership.    

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