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Task Forces

A task force is concept/project specific, for a fixed period of time, typically addressing an associational issue/need and convened by the sitting president. Below is the information regarding each of the current Presidential Task Forces.


Chairperson: Steven Priepke

Charge: The Task Force is being convened to develop ethical engagement guidelines for current and former leadership in general and specifically from the perspective of those who work in for-profit work.

Chairpersons: Latosha Williams and Valerie Glassman

Charge: The Task Force is being convened to review, evaluate, and update the position description of the Region Chair, develop a leadership team, create guiding materials, and identify clear expectations of the regions.

Chairperson: Stephanie Wright

Charge: The Task Force is being convened to develop, but is not limited to, an educational plan for student organization misconduct. This may also include recommendations for future ASCA position statements related to student organizations.

Chairperson: Weston Prisbrey

Charge: The Task Force is being convened to develop language that defines what it means to be a vendor, which can include various levels, what they receive as a vendor, the sponsorship opportunities, and any additional guidelines regarding ASCA and their relationship to vendors.


Chairperson: Tony Miller Jr.

Charge: The Task Force is being convened to gather and communicate the membership resources that we already have and what we should highlight out of those resources. Additionally, the Task Force is being convened to plan for what we need to begin to create to deliver a valuable resource by accepting ASCA membership.

Chairperson: JaWana Green

Charge: The Task Force is being convened to review with support from the Cental Office and E&I Committee:

  • All the scholarships being offered and the requirements;
  • Look at the demographics of applicants and recipients, including institution type, members v. non-members, etc.; and
  • Make recommendations on how to increase the application pool, on updates for the current scholarship applications, on requirements for the new Student Affairs Certification scholarship, and on how to increase giving towards the scholarships.
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