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ASCA Regions

An international organization, ASCA strives to connect members on all levels, local, regional, national, and international. To best serve our members, we have divided the United States and our members from the international community into 13 regions, with each region led by a chairperson (or chairpersons).

Responsibilities of a chair/co-chair:

  • Serving the Association within the spirit of the mission, vision, and core values of the Association
  • Reporting to the designated Board liaison(s) any issues needing the attention of the Board of Directors on behalf of the region
  • Identifying potential members for leadership within each region, keeping in mind the diverse representation of the region
  • Fostering a spirit of collaboration in the region ensuring intentional, effective use of resources in the provision of programs and services
  • Monitoring and communicating regional trends, or emerging themes, to the Board and Central Office for consideration in developing programs and services
  • Maintaining regular communication updates with the regional members
  • Attending and participating in the leadership training and ongoing supplemental trainings
  • Maintaining monthly communication updates with region members, which are communication utilizing the appropriate mediums
  • Facilitating peer learning and resource sharing within region, encouraging active member participation
  • Creating a region leadership infrastructure to allow for the support of the educational development, which is diverse in composition, and is comprised of coordinators with appropriate functional areas
  • Hosting region events annually for all members within the regions, and open to non-members during the Annual Conference cycle
  • Coordinating with the Annual Conference Committee in facilitating an event at the Annual Conference to provide the opportunity for region-wide networking
  • Working cooperatively with the ASCA Deputy Director in providing professional development opportunities
  • Working with the regional leadership team on a need assessment for the region
  • Working cooperatively with the Treasurer and Central Office in ensuring all financial policies/procedures are followed
  • Monitoring and communicating any relevant regional legislation which would be pertinent
Source: ASCA Operating Policies and Procedures Article XII, Section D (effective 11/30/2022)

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