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Get Involved

ASCA is a primarily volunteer-driven organization and offers our members volunteer opportunities to share knowledge with their peers or lead at the state, regional, or national/international level. Involvement with a professional organization is a great addition to your resume/vitae.

Ways to Connect
There are several ways that our members become involved in our Association. At the most basic level, the Association provides networking opportunities for our members to connect through the various functions and platforms hosted by the Association throughout the year. These include:

Ways to Volunteer

Accepting a leadership position within the Association comes with tangible personal and professional benefit to the member and their employer. Leadership opportunities are gained either through elected positions, such as Board of Directors service, or appointed positions, such as Co-Chairs for Committees, Communities of Practice, Regions, and Presidential Task Forces. All of the position requirements and responsibilities are outlined in the Association’s governing documents.

Looking for more information?

Make sure to always check your member emails from ASCA as we will announce opportunities as they become available!

Be Social

Be sure to follow ASCA on various social media platforms:

Questions? Contact ASCA Assistant Executive Director Dr. Amanda Mesirow at

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