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1986 – Dr. Donald “Don” D. Gehring from the University of Louisville proposes an idea for a professional association to serve the needs of campus judicial officers. 

1987 – During the Stetson University Law & Higher Education Conference in January 1987, Don meets with a group of professionals who are in favor of creating a campus judicial officer-focused association. 

Later in the year, members of the committee meet at the University of Louisville to create the framework, draft a proposed Constitution, and nominate the first officer roster. Their goal is to assist with regulatory compliance related to student conduct administrators. At the time, no other professional association focused on the needs of student judicial practitioners. 

Throughout the year, a Steering Committee meets and makes plans for a Constitution and policies. Raymond Goldstone at UCLA contributes seed money to assist with organizational efforts. 

1988 – In January 1988, Dr. Bob Bickel of Stetson University includes the first formal organizational meeting at the University’s annual Law & Higher Education Conference. Don Gehring presides over the meeting and the proposed name, the Association for Student Judicial Affairs (ASJA,) is approved. Membership dues are set at $20.  

1989 – ASJA holds its first annual conference, taking place at the Holiday Inn Surfside, Clearwater Beach, FL. The conference, held in January, lasts two days. 161 individuals attend this inaugural event. 

In the fall of 1989, the first Constitutional election is held. 

1991 – ASJA membership records, administrative duties, and financial transactions are organized by member volunteers in a newly-formed Central Office, located at Texas A&M University. 

1992 – A Central Office manager position is added to the Board of Directors. 

1993 – ASJA hosts its first Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute at Bowling Green State University, OH. Don Gehring is the chair of the Institute, and it is attended by 130 professionals. 

1994 – After two successful Annual Training Institutes, the Board of Directors renames the event the Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute. 

2001 – The ASJA Annual Conference hits a milestone: over 600 participants register and attend the event.

2005 – ASJA hires its first executive director, Ms. Billye Potts. She serves as ED until 2012. 

2006 – The Donald D. Gehring Campus Judicial Affairs Training Institute is renamed again, this time to the Donald D. Gehring Academy for Student Conduct Administration

2007 – The Raymond Goldstone Foundation is established. This charitable arm of ASJA helps individuals obtain access to development and training when financial obstacles impact their ability to participate. The Goldstone Foundation acts as a charitable arm of ASCA and supports our core mission. 

2008 – ASJA celebrates its 20th anniversary with record conference attendance of 858. 

The Association recognizes changes in the profession and changes the name of the Association to better reflect the profession and the mission of the organization. ASJA becomes Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA.)

2010 – On the 50th anniversary of landmark case, in student conduct practice, Dixon v Alabama State College the Association celebrates with a special presentation. 

2012 – ASCA hires its second executive director, Dr. Jennifer Waller. She serves as ED until 2022. 

2015 – ASCA establishes a satellite office in Washington, DC as one of the foci of the Association (advocacy) takes center stage and ASCA establishes itself with a greater presence on the political landscape of the national level.

2016 – In response to membership feedback, the regional structure of ASCA changes to better suit the member’s needs. 

This year also sees the highest-attended annual conference, with 1,054 attendees.

2018 – ASCA celebrates its 30th anniversary of annual conferences. 

Also in 2018, the ASCA Central office dissolves relationship with Texas A&M University and shifts to 100% remote work. Today, the Central Office is entirely virtual, but the Association maintains its home base and continues to be incorporated in the State of Texas. 

2020 – Due to the impact of COVID-19, ASCA shifts their Gehring Academy and Annual Conference online. Both return to in-person gatherings in 2023. 

2022 – ASCA’s membership reaches 2,400 individuals representing all 50 US states, Canada, and countries across the globe.
2023 – ASCA hires its third executive director, Tess Barker, JD PhD (she/her)

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