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Who We Are

We who administer conduct standards for students at institutions of higher education recognize that a personal sense of honor sustains both individuals and their communities. We also recognize the need to provide a collective voice for the student conduct profession, and to provide professional development for student conduct practitioners. To support those supporting our mission, we formed the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) to foster the development and enforcement of standards of conduct and conflict resolution for students. Membership in ASCA is open to any person who has a legitimate interest in the mission, core values and activities of the Association.

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Our Mission

The Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) educates, develops, and supports student centered conduct professionals. ASCA commits to:

  • Advocacy: Addressing concerns that impact student conduct practitioners, process and the profession
  • Belonging: Creating a “professional home” where all feel supported
  • Education: Developing and providing opportunities to enhance member application of ASCA’s Knowledge and Skills
  • Equity & Intentional Inclusion: Investing in the awareness and development of our members’ cultural humility and ensuring that the Association’s practices are reflective of multiple, individual, and institutional needs.
  • Wellness: Promoting the health and wellness of student conduct practitioners.

Taken from the Association for Conduct Administration Bylaws

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