ASCA Viewpoints Podcast

Welcome to the ASCA’s Viewpoints Podcast! ASCA’s Viewpoints Podcast, is a professional development podcast for student conduct administrators in higher education who are looking for support in the challenging work that we do every day. 

Join our host, Dr. Alexandra E. Hughes, on the first Wednesday of the month as she interviews new guests and hears their own viewpoint on various topics. We are so excited for this season, because we are shaking things up! We want you to join us (again) for a special episode in the middle of each month to address listener questions, book readings, and all things conduct in between. 

In order to ensure that the work that we are doing is impactful and leads to student success, you will find our strategies, tactics, and best practices throughout the season. This podcast is made just for you! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite streaming platforms to connect with us. 

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