ASCA members enjoy being a part of the only organization solely dedicated to the advancement of student conduct. As a member, be sure to log in to the membership portal on the front page to ensure access to all of these benefits. 

Here are 20 reasons why you should join ASCA today! 


1. ASCA Annual Conference
2. ASCA Gehring Academy
3. Monthly webinars
4. ASCA Communities of Practice involvement
5. Membership access to ASCA website
6. ASCA Monthly newsletter
7. Regional/State membership
8. ASCA joint association - Student Organizations Institute
9. Consortium for Government Relations
10. Regional/State drive-in workshops/conferences
11. Committee involvement
12. ASCA Online Forums populated with current trends
13. Group research grants
14. Professional networking with colleagues
15. Partnerships with other Higher Education Associations
16. Access to archived Student Conduct material
17. Discounts available when attending student conduct events sponsored by our partners
18. Leadership opportunities
19. Mentorship opportunities
20. ASCA Member Insurance

*Please note, membership dues are not a charitable contribution.