Communities of Practice

The Communities of Practice (CoPs) are entities comprised of Association members who have an interest and/or expertise in a relevant topical area. The topics are determined by the Board of Directors based on the needs of the membership and the field, and are designated through these Operating Policies and Procedures. Communities of Practice (CoPs) serve to:

  • Provide a knowledge community for ASCA members interested in a certain topic
  • Develop knowledge content, member content experts, and ensure ASCA stays relevant in a specific aspect of student conduct administration
  • Inform and advise the board, membership, and committees about relevant and appropriate issues in a timely manner
  • Fulfill the goals outlined by the Board of Directors
Although not limited to following, each Community of Practice is expected to fulfill its goals by:
  • Sponsoring at least one conference program and webinar annually.
  • Providing knowledge resources available for drive-ins throughout the country
  • Identifying an e-library of resources on the knowledge area and updating it annually
  • Soliciting program proposals from knowledge area for annual conference
  • Soliciting webinar ideas from knowledge areas for ASCA sponsored webinars
  • Developing content in the knowledge area (at least one published deliverable per year)
  • Suggesting research/publication ideas to the research committee