Get Involved

ASCA is a primarily volunteer-driven organization. The Association offers our members volunteer opportunities to share knowledge with their peers or lead at the state, regional, or national/international level. Involvement with a professional organization is a great addition to your resume/vitae.

Share Your Knowledge

Do you want to propose a meeting, program, webinar, or other event? All members are invited to suggest educational programming they wish to present or believe is needed by the membership. Clink the link to plan an event!


About the ASCA Leadership Structure:

Accepting a leadership position within the association comes with tangible personal and professional benefit to the member and their employer. Leadership opportunities are gained either through elected (Board of Director) or appointed positions (Chair or similar positions). All of the position requirements and responsibilities are outlined in the Association’s governing documents.

The Association created a loose hierarchical structure at the various levels of the association. Under the Bylaws and Operating Policies and Procedures, the Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction and trajectory of the Association.

Also at the national/international level are Chairs and Co-chairs of the Association’s Committees and Communities of Practice (CoP). Each Chair reports to an assigned liaison from the Board of Directors. Each Chair is expected to function within the established responsibilities for a chair (outlined below), and the board liaison is there to provide support and assistance to the Chair. The Chair is given significant latitude in how to best achieve the goals and outcomes for the Committee or Community of Practice. In addition to the designated communities of practice and established committees, there are often special task forces established by the ASCA President. These special committees have a specific project and charge established by the President.

Each of the 13 regions of ASCA is led by a Region Coordinator. The Region Coordinator is responsible for coordinating regional activities among the members in the region and is free to collaborate with other region coordinators on events for the membership. Region Chair expectations are listed below. Region Coordinators have the ability and authority to develop a region leadership team, and work with a liaison from the Board of Directors who also provides support and assistance to the region.

Depending on how the Region Coordinator sets up their leadership team, there may be opportunities to volunteer on a state level as a State Coordinator or other applicable position. The leadership of the region reports through the Region Coordinator and upward.

While a hierarchy structure exists within the Association, it is meant to support the Association and is not designed or operated with a strict requirement that requires authoritative approval before action is taken at most levels of the association.

We encourage you to speak with the member who currently holds, or any member of the board of directors about a position that might interest you.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways that our members become involved in our Association. At the most basic level, the Association provides networking opportunities for our members to connect through the various functions and platforms hosted by the Association throughout the year. We encourage all of our members to connect with colleagues in a variety of ways.

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