Membership Categories

Membership in ASCA shall be open to any person who has a legitimate interest in the mission, vision, core values and activities of the Association and who agrees to abide by the provisions contained in the Association’s Bylaws and Statement of Ethical Principles and Standards of Conduct. Eligibility criteria for each specific class of membership is outlined below. Members will be considered in good standing if they have no outstanding debt with the Association and have paid their dues (if required) in accordance with the dues schedule approved by the Board of Directors.
Professional - Individual Membership $111.00
Any person with the direct responsibility for or an interest in student conduct administration may become an individual/professional member of the Association. 

Professional - Institutional Membership
Institutional memberships are professional memberships provided to Institutions of Higher Education at a cost effective alternative for institutions who have multiple individuals on their campus who are eligible and desire to join ASCA.  If you are interested in more than 13 members, please contact the ASCA Central Office at 979-589-4604 or

$404.00 = 4 memberships
$707.00 = 7 membership
$1,010.00  = 10 memberships
$1,313.00 = 13 memberships
Professional members are eligible to vote in Association elections and are eligible for elected and appointed positions subject to the requirements set forth in these by-laws and the Operating Policies & Procedures. The Central Office may offer professional memberships to individuals and institutions in the manner detailed in the Operating Policies and Procedures. 

Student Membership $45.00

Any registered graduate or undergraduate student who possesses an interest in the area of student conduct administration, and who is not employed full-time during the current academic membership year, may become a student member of the Association. Graduate student members may vote but may not hold elective office. Undergraduate students may not vote or hold elective office

Honorary Membership No Cost

The Board of Directors may confer honorary membership upon any individual with a record of outstanding contributions to the Association. Honorary members may not hold elective office or vote in elections, nor are they obligated to pay dues, unless they select another membership category for which they are eligible.

Retiree Membership $50.00
Any current or former ASCA member who is retired from his or her higher education institution and is not employed full-time. A Retiree member may not hold elective office or vote.

Please note, Individual Memberships belong to the individual and may not be transferred. However, Institutional Memberships belong to the institution and modifications may be made if a current affiliate member is no longer employed or changes departments.   

New membership rates and categories reflected above took effect February 1, 2020.